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How to Interpret Spiritual Visions

How to Interpret Spiritual VisionsOut of all of our intuitive qualities, intuitive seeing is the quality that makes life magical. Without intuitive seeing we would have a level of awe and lore taken away. Life would seem bland and plain.

By visualizing our goals and believing in them, they manifest incredibly stronger than otherwise.

There are visions in our minds right now. There must be, for our inner vision is co-creating our reality along with our other three intuitive qualities of hearing, feeling and knowing.

We create our desires with our visions and we also receive information from our spiritual guidance through visions.

The goal is to align our human desires with our higher spiritual visions to create our soul’s purpose. Like intuitive seeing, our other three intuitive qualities may be used to receive information from Spirit as well as create our human desires.

In most cases, to interpret the significance of a vision, we must use one of the other three intuitive qualities. If we have a vision in our sleep, it is because it’s easier for Spirit to share with us during our sleep, when the mind is not in the way, versus when we are awake. Spiritual visions help us understand our current, past and future life experiences.

When you receive visions, embrace them and whatever emotions they may stir up in you. Manipulating visions received by Spirit does not serve you. It interrupts the clear message being sent.

Below is a technique you can practice to help you interpret your visions. Understanding your visions helps you see your purpose with clarity and better manifest it.

3 Step Method for Vision Interpretation

  1. BREATHE — (BREATHE IN) and feel yourself connect to your center, the spirit within you.

  2. RELEASE — (BREATHE OUT) and expand yourself to create more room for the connection to your spirit. Surrender everything mentally (thoughts), emotionally (feelings) and physically (relax the body) that is not serving your highest purpose in this moment. Continue surrendering.

  3. IMAGINE — (CONTINUE BREATHING) your vision. Use your intuitive seeing quality to recall a vision that you would like to interpret. Open your intuition to imagine the meaning of the vision. If you were to imagine what the vision wants to share with you, what would you imagine? If the vision had a voice, what would you imagine it to say? If it had a message, what would you imagine it to be?

You can also practice opening your intuitive seeing quality through the following suggestions:

  • Admire the beauty of everything around you, such as art and nature. Stare at the intricacies of the world around you and see how necessary the beauty of your surroundings is to your outlook on life.

  • When you shop for food, like produce, choose it by how it looks. When shopping for clothes, choose them by how they look on you.

  • Always look beautiful or handsome, and look at yourself in the mirror and admire your beauty and charm.

  • Take on hobbies that have to do with your seeing quality like painting, knitting, gardening or anything where you are visualizing the end result and creating it.

  • Lay down once a day and take a journey. Start with something simple. Imagine getting up and walking around the house or doing things at work. Imagine yourself at your favorite spots in nature and create new, special places in nature.

Once you start practicing these exercises, you may begin to see vibrations, colors in auras, foresee the future, receive future prophecy, and much more. You will open yourself up to a whole new perspective of the world!

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Comments (21)
Dennis Rouse
I was driving down the road and i seen a cloud with a hole in it I it look like a dove was flying through it. Then the hole close up and the cloud went away
I'm always having visions, however this one was quite unusual and in detail. I was sitting quietly with my eyes closed and I begin to see 3 different kinds of flowers, a tulip a rose and a daisy growing together. A butterfly appeared then a hummingbird and an unidentified bird began eating the seeds of the tulip. I saw a mushroom growing in that same garden and appeared a woman dressed in a beautiful white gown resembling the mushroom, and a hat. A valentine shaped heart appeared as she and a man walked through the garden. Another heart appeared, and finally a man undressing the woman in a beautiful room and toweling her back. There were no words exchanged just tenderness. Many times my visions are not this exact. I don't know what it means. Can you give me some insight. I am sure God is revealing something to me but I need to know what.. Thanks for your help.clarification. Any
I experienced something, I don't know what.
I saw a blue glowing circle with sections and words and a 6point star. I remember psalm 23, deciples, Chaldean, were written in the sections and a melody I know but cant remember. Each section illuminated. I remember hearing voices of certain people I know, I recognized their voices, and they were taunting me and laughing at me. One said "did you think you could come between brothers' and another said " I told you, you would be sorry" I remember the feeling of complete humiliation and feeling like the whole world was watching me and the feeling of being on display. Then I saw myself sitting on a river but a scary one with shadows and I can't explain it. I remember being either told or the awareness of the th thinking I could understand or ?? I saw myself but a beautiful glowing ornate version of myself begging and pleading for forgiveness for offending. But not my voice, sounded like an old woman with a heavy accent. I could feel the absolute surrender and humiliation as I pleaded and asked to be forgiven. I remember asking that the humiliation would die with me that my children would be free. Then I was back and I saw the circle again but the air around me was colorful and what seemed electric. And I hear that melody. I was being asked would I die for my son. I remember I was fearful and hesitant.. and the voices were talking about me watching me seeing what I would do. One of them said something like "get her she's loosing it" and the other said "no watch" "come on babe" the electricity in the air kept lighting me on fire, The last thing I remember is me saying "For my son. I will" and putting my arms out and the air setting me on electric fire...
I AM NOT CRAZY.I believe in God. I do know that I have become very spiritually aware in the last few years. I also know that after what I saw, I researched generational and inherited curses and Now my childhood or lack there of makes sense, the things I experience now .. I could go way deeper but.. I won't. just can you help me?
I recently had a vision- unlike anything I have ever experienced. In a flash while I was awake I saw an old cathedral arch and a monk standing under it- an old cathedral like in Europe. The monk looked up and it was the face of my fiance. I could see the detail on his face clear as day and then in a flash it was gone. It just came out of nowhere. I was not sleeping- I was just sitting on the bed- it was like time stood still and there was a blink of light. I have historically been in horrible relationships and have never felt safe or trusting... I am trying to break through completely with this past of mine and trust so I may have a happy future with my fiance. Sometimes, I feel like we mirror each other.
Warren S Maas
While meditating, I had a vision of a panthers eye looking into mine and then it turned into the whole face of the panther. It then fadded and a horned owls face appeared. What does it mean?
Jason Nelson
Comment by Jason: Please keep in mind when interpreting spiritual visions to be crystal clear, or as clear as you can be, on the interpretation through spiritual communication or further intuitive exploration, before making any big life changes regarding the vision.
Thanks for this site its nice to tell someone. I had a vision of my best friend who happens to be a medicine woman came forward and I folloed and my husband went to the back. It came when i was exremely upset with my husband and it hit me like ligtning. A ball of mangled lightning came through my forehead and hit me like it was real lightning, and we were all blue energy silhouettes, and it came iwth all of this sexual energy, and my loins ached for weeks. She says there is no difference between universe energy and sexual energy. Anyway I dont know if it meant I am supposed to leave my husband or take the lead and it hasnt been easy since I had it, I do not know what to do. Thank you! I cant tell too many people or they will think I am crazy let alone understand, so its nice you have this site, Thanks again, what do you think?
joanne pridham
i left the church on sunday and i saw in avision myself wearing a sackcloth and a crown of thorns in the spirit the sackcloth that Jesus wore
Hi Jason! I was on a first date the other night. We were walking outside in the parking lot when my date asked me something. I turned to my left to hear his question and I was blown away. He was talking to me, it was him, but I felt it was him from a future point in time. I felt/heard "husband" and I got the impression that the backdrop of the scene seemed to be an airport or terminal. I was so taken aback that I had to ask him to repeat whatever he just said. This has been on my mind since. This has never happened to me before.. I'm still in awe...
Jason Nelson
Comment by Jason Nelson:
Spiritual visions are significant, well, because when they are actual spiritual visions, they are a product of our intuitive seeing quality interpreting information from spirit or our own soul. It helps to use the other three qualities of hearing, feeling and knowing to further interpret the visual aspect. Otherwise if we don't, we may not know what to do with the vision we see. Intuition is meant to be practical where we can apply it in our daily lives.
I meditate every day, just recently I was going into a deep meditation and I saw Jesus on the cross...followed by beautiful gold/bronze statues...
All seemed so wonderful, I am not religious per say but very spiritual...
I don't go to traditional church but my spiritual church...
Personally I feel I am making headways with spiritualism and my body is having so many beautiful side effects and I always feel happy and loved...
Please what tell my your thoughts...
Jason Nelson
Comment by Jason Nelson:
Whether something is a vision or made up by the mind is not so important as how it is helping you in your life. If what you see you interpret and it makes sense and helps you in some way, then it is a viable way to get guidance. If it doesn’t make sense or help then there is probably a better way to get guidance from spirit. Dreams are quite individual and will depend more on the feelings about a scene and the thoughts one has behind the feelings, as a means of interpreting. The visual in a dream is an attention getter and to stimulate the feelings and thoughts, mostly.
My husband had a vision that I was pregnant. And I was extremely. Happy. But then I had a vision I was pregnant and. I was taken away in an army full of all females and when I came back she was a toddler. And I missed. Most her life. What does it mean when I'm not even in an army
I was sitting on my couch after the kids went to bed. I looked over at another cushion (my couch is made of a suede type material), and I saw an image. Overactive imagination, maybe. However, this seems to happen to me frequently. People look in the sky and can imagine shapes out of the clouds, but I seem to find pictures in almost everything, daily. So tonight I was curious about the picture I saw on the couch cushion. It was a book on a podium with a dead tree coming up through the center. It was so vivid that I took a piece of paper and drew it. Then proceeded to look online for the meaning of this picture. Within my search I went back and looked at the picture and when I looked at it the first time the tree seemed to be just as a dead stump coming out of the book. But I stepped back this time and realized that what had looked like a dark background was actually shaped as the outline if a fully leaved tree. So in conclusion to this story, I was wondering if anyone might be able to tell me what their interpretation of this would be, or help me to understand why I see different pictures in things everyday....should I be paying attention to them, learning their meanings, or is it just me having an overactive imagination???
Jason Nelson
Comment by Jason Nelson:
I wanted to shed a light on the basic understanding of dreams versus visions. Understand that a spiritual vision is a process of intuition, whereas a dream is a process of the mind venting and transforming experiences. Spiritual visions tend to have more noticeable significance sooner than dreams which can require interpreting. You can have spiritual visions while you are sleeping and they are visions not dreams. Though sometimes visions and dreams become intermingled in our sleep.
Tammie D
I had a vision a row of cabinets while looking at my old cabinets in the kitchen. The cabinets were changing fast as they lined up beside each other. What does that mean?
Maria Amaral
I would like to know the meaning of a vision of bridesmaids and flowers and also of a young girls eating green fava beans.
Dawit Woldegoerogis
I need to know about the vision more and more
narelle hohua
Jason Nelson
Comment by Jason: Beautiful words. I recently had my friend who is a dream interpreter on my SCG tele-seminar series. Your poetic words are touching. You may join SCG here for those interested and hear the recording for a limited time.
Erica Girth
Very well said. This is a feeling planet. After or while "seeing it"... feel it, in every ounce of your body. Taste the wind, hear the lighting, smell the earth... brighten the colors... see it as if you are looking at it with you own eyes. You can start by seeing yourself in the vision, but then step into those shoes and see it with your own eyes... feel it... creation...